"...James Martin Kelly is wonderful in a small role as Rob Farrior, the father of one of the sniper’s victims...
it’s a beautifully acted scene of a man, made bleary by mourning, who in an eyeblink realizes that a father’s atavistic duty is to lash out at the emissary of his daughter’s killer. Coincidentally, Farrior stands in for those, in Newtown and beyond, rendered numb by tragedy and wondering why the news media, or movies, have to pick so diligently at this fresh wound" ...

                                      Richard Corliss TIME
"...James Martin Kelly gets one majestic scene as a victim's father. In his red, exhausted gaze, there is an unanswerable rebuke...to our cheerful, reflex assumption that we can somehow have thrills without spills. There will be blood, his eyes tell us, but that is not a promise; it's a lament."
             Anthony Lane THE NEW YORKER
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